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Outdoor IP54 Rated Electrical Connection Box (Box Only)

Product no.: M804B-ST

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Outdoor IP54 Rated Electrical Connection Box (Box Only)

Ideal for use with garden lighting

This IP 54 rated electrical connection box offers a safe and simple way to house multiple outdoor connections,

Ideal for use with extension leads and hosing transformers, timers etc

It can be easily and securely closed using the simple hinged locking system.

The box provides a simple yet effective lightweight and portable solution to be used with a range of electrical applications.


Sturdy plastic design - fast locking clamp - The box is pad-lockable for safety – (Padlock Not included)

Water Resistant IP54 - Product dimensions External: Depth 13cm x Height 22cm x Length 35cm

Internal Dimensions: (approx usable area) Depth 10cm x Height 18cm x Length 29cm

5 off cable entry / exit slots suitable for cable diameters 6.9mm to 10.5mm & 2 off 20mm Knockout holes 

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